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Bart Onasaf


Beret, mustache

Also known as

Bart the Piano Teacher, Bart



First Episode

A Piano Tale

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A Bigger Piano





"Chris! You played better than me! Well not really because I'm the teacher. But you did good!"
―Bart in A Piano Tale.

Bart Onasaf, better known as Bart the Piano Teacher or simply Bart, is Chris and Jerry's piano teacher in Seasons 7-9 of The Christopher Show. Later in Seasons 10-12, he is Chris and Wyatt's piano teacher. He owns and runs Worldwide Piano & Music School, where he also gives Chris & Wyatt piano classes (Chris & Jerry from Seasons 7-9). Wyatt Onasaf is his son.

Bart left the show in Season 12.[1]



Bart has a mustache and a gray beret (BAH•RAY). He has a very thicke accent and deep, screaming voice.

In the Series

Bart has appeared in The Christopher Show Season 7. "A Piano Tale" was his first appearance[2]. Bart has been a recurring character since his first appearance. In Season 10 it was revealed that he had a son, Wyatt.

He was involved in The Onasaf Feud and thus, didn't want Wyatt hanging out with Chris outside of the piano lessons at first, but then got over it. His last appearance was in "A Bigger Piano", the Season 12 premiere. After that he got written out of the show, never to be seen or heard of again. Sad.

First Appeared Last Appeared
Season 7 12
Episode Name A Piano Tale A Bigger Piano
Episode Number 55 106
Date January 9 December 31
Year 2014 2014


Bart is a nice person with a great personality, he loves piano, in fact, it was revealed he is a prodigy. He jumps to conclusions often, and he may be goofy, but he is a protective father. He runs the Worldwide Piano & Music School.


  • It was revealed his age is somewhere older than 50, and he blasts his 50's tunes in his car.
  • He has a Volkswagen with fire stickers, peace signs, inFAMOUS stickers, piano and more on it.
  • He has another baby at home, and every time he tries to sing to her she screams. He doesn't know why, but it's quite obvious considering he's constantly screaming.
  • He has a mustache which presumably is different in some episodes.
  • It seems like he likes Wendy's due to the fact that in "Bart's Son, Part 1" (Season 10), he said his brain hurts and he was going to go to Wendy's. Also, in "When Time Flies" (Season 7) he wrote a list of songs he wanted Chris & Jerry to play on the back of a Wendy's coupon. The first song was "Silent Night", which Chris nailed.
  • His piano shop is mentioned frequently but has never been shown on-screen, except for a picture. The name of the place has never been mentioned either, but the picture shows the name of the place, thus, jás.
  • In "Barryl's Back But Not For Harm" (Season 9), since Bart saw that Chris's piano was dismantled, he almost kicked Chris out of the class. But when Chris said he had to, Bart says that he's back in, but the classes can't be held at Chris's house anymore. They must be held at Bart's shop Downtown. Also, he's going to pick up Jerry first, because he lives closest, then Chris, and go to downtown. SO, from Seasons 7-9 the classes are at Chris's house, then from 9-12, they ain't I tells ya.
  • His last appearance was the Season 12 Premiere. After that he got written out of the show, never to be seen or heard of again. Sad.
    • His reason of leaving the show was that the actor who played his voice is getting too deep to play the part.[3]


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