Full name Christopher
Appearance Dark brown hair, no hat, glasses (Seasons 2-5 only)
Nicknames Chris, Bro
Appears in All episodes
First appears in Doors Go Slammin'
Last appears in TBA
Years on show All (2013-2017)
Status Alive
"Danny, what the HECK??"
―A recurring quote shouted by Chris, to Danny.

Christopher (although almost always referred to as Chris) is the main protagonist in The Christopher Show. He is Danny's younger brother by 3 months.


Chris is as sweet as a cherry blossom pie. He is nice, kind, and loyal. He will always be there for you. He is usually annoyed at Danny and his pranks. Danny always pranks Chris with hi-tech stuff and Chris always falls for it. But they have a specal bond that cannot be broken.

In Infected (Season 9) when Danny tells Chris that he was the one who infected Jerry, that changes their relationship until Season 13. Chris dislikes Danny, is never talking to him again, and in Season 10 calls the cops on him, and Danny goes to jail. AND, he gets Danny's lair taken out of the house. So, if it wasn't for Danny injecting chemicals in Jerry in the Season 8 Recap, none of this would have ever happened.

After that, Chris gets stronger and starts defending and/or sticking up for himself and others, like in Snowstorm when the power goes out and Darryl wants Chris and Wyatt to lead him, but Chris says that they're not his slaves and he has to do it himself. So, he sticks up for himself and others.

By Season 13, Chris & Danny have made up from Infected and are back as bros again.



Chris has dark hair and is extremely handsome and adorable. He had glasses from Season 2 to Season 5, so Season 1 and Season 6-16 he has no glasses.

In The Series

Chris appears in every episode of the entire series.

First Appeared Last Appeared
Season 1 16
Episode Name Doors Go Slammin' TBA
Episode Number 1 163
Date June 28 April 7
Year 2013 2017


  • 11 (Seasons 1-2)
  • 12 (Seasons 2-8)
  • 13 (Seasons 8-13)
  • 14 (Seasons 14-15)
  • 15 (Season 16)


  • Chris is not a fan of Danny's belching superpower but tells Danny to use it only in a crisis.
  • Chris only puts his glasses on (in Season 6 because now he has no glasses) for special occasions.
  • He is in 8th Grade and 13 years old (see Age).
  • Chris cries at the last 9:41 AM of the year on New Year's Eve (A Year of Great Pranx)
  • It appears that Chris plays Minecraft due to the fact that in The Christopher Shoe, Chris tries to "throw away" Danny's baby shoes in the lava in Minecraft, but fails. Also, in Season 9 "Megaphoned", Chris is building a city in Minecraft for his father's job, because his father is a city planner.
  • He likes to collect easter eggs, but only empty ones, because he doesn't like when the chocolate melts inside of them and you can't get them open (Chicken Capers)
  • He makes a mess when putting on his shoes (Buddy Day)
  • He sleeps on the stairs standing up.
  • Blasting megaphones in his ear helps him think.
  • He has only burped/belched once, in "Scared Danny", Season 3.
  • Chris6d revealed he has asthma.
  • Chris was actually supposed to be born first, but Danny grabbed his cord and yanked him back in.
  • Since the Series Premiere Chris has a sign on his door that says, "Christopher's Room, Please Knock". In Released, Chris obtains another sign on his door resembling a Sanitary Inspection Grade A, but it says "Awesomeness Inspection Grade" instead. This sign remains on his door for the remainder of the series. It is worth noting that the stats say something, as well:
    • The Card Number is 1911590, which is a reference to the episode it first appears in: S (which means season, and it's the 19th letter), 11 (11th Season), E (Which means episode, and it's the 5th letter), and 90, the episode number of the series. So, 19-11-5-90, which decodes to S11E90.
    • The Establishment Name is "Chris's Epic Room".
    • The Date Issued is 7/12/14, which is the date the episode it first appeared in was aired.
  • He is (or he thinks at least) a decent rapper. He admits he's not that good but he's not terrible. (Danny-oke)


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