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"Chris. I'm gonna pummel you now."
―A famous quote by Danny, said especially in the earlier seasons.

Danny is the secondary protagonist and the former main antagonist of the hit series The Christopher Show. He is Chris's brother.


Danny is a rude, mean, jerky 14 year old boy. He is 3 months older that Chris, revealed in the episode "The Fake IDs". He was born in April while Chris was born in July. Danny pulls lots of pranks on Chris, usually creating them in his Secret Lair in the attic of the house. They are usually hi-tech, from laser cameras to RC golf balls. Danny does have a sensitive side for Chris, deep, deep down, and does care for him. Again, deep (x5) down.

He has been rude and jerky until the Season 9 finale, where he finally starts to realize that his actions have consequences. By Season 11, Danny is out of jail (after having been sent there in Season 10) and has 100% transformed into a good Danny. But Chris still doesn't accept forgiveness until practically Season 13, and then they're back to being best bros (except no more inventions, so no more pranks :D)



Danny is twins with Chris, although they are 3 months apart. Danny does NOT have glasses and has a Rangers hat that he NEVER takes off. The only time he ever took it off was in Spiders in a House when he used his hat to get the spiders, but he was not shown with his hat off, and also in Swingfall when he threw his hat at Chris, but it was not shown in-camera either.

In the Series

Not counting the events between Seasons 10 and 13, Danny is in every episode in the series except for The Day of the Wash and Beisboll, both in Season 1. Also, towards the end of Season 7, he is absent in two episodes, Your Thoughts, Jerry? and Whitey-Out Capers due to him being away for The Laser-Tag Tournament in Alcapaca.

Now, because of him going to jail, Danny only appears once in Season 10: in the premiere. Otherwise, he is absent for the entire Season 10. He appears in the Season 11 premiere after being released from jail, and the episode after. He is scattered through Seasons 11 and 12, appearing in some episodes and mentioned in most.

He appears in every episode in Seasons 13+.

First Appeared Last Appeared
Season 1 N/A
Episode Name

Doors Go Slammin'

Episode Number 1 N/A
Date June 28 N/A
Year 2013 N/A


  • [Girly Laugh] "I did it!" / "You fell for it!" / You acted so girly!" (Seasons 1-6)


  • He has a burping/belching talent.
  • He likes the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  • He is 3 months older than Chris, which in reality makes zilch sense. The reason is that Chris was actually supposed to be born first but Danny yanked him back in. So even then, he was pranking Chris.
  • He labels his sneakers Left and Not Left so he doesn't get confused.
  • He thinks he's an excellent singer but in reality, he ain't.
  • He has vocal manipulation, a superpower which allows him to imitate other sounds exactly. (Season 5)
  • He was the former owner of the gaming chair in Season 6 when he received it for Christmas, until he gave it to Chris.
  • It is unknown why Danny wears a Rangers hat as the Rangers are a New York team and Danny resides in Duesburg, California.
  • He was nominated 713 times in a row in The Pranking Quarterly Magazine.
  • He and Chris have an Uncle Teddy and an Uncle Chuck.

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