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Danny's Lair is a location in The Christopher Show. It is situated in the attic in Chris & Danny's House.


Danny's Lair is a deep, dark place that Danny built in the attic some time ago. He fully restored the old attic to his use, and now he uses it to prank Chris. Inside the lair Danny has radars and computers set up, so he can track Chris's location around the house and prank him using his hi-tech pranks. Danny has access to it all up there.


Danny's lair was removed from the house somewhere between Season 9 and Season 10. Chris called the Construction Crew to remove the lair from the house and turn the space back into an attic, as well as rid the house of all of Danny's inventions. After Danny came out of jail in Season 11, Danny hid in where his lair used to be (the attic) and stayed up there for three months until the Season 12 finale


  • As of now, Danny's lair is now basically like his second room, because he does have a room already. However, his room is barely shown on the show.
    • It has been shown a few times, though.
  • Danny claims in Season 9 that Chris has never been in his lair, and he never will. However, Chris has been in Danny's lair multiple times, especially in Season 1.
  • Danny's lair was shown in Season 1, but it was shown more in Season 8. In Season 8, the background is shown to have tubes, pipes, and computers, whereas in Season 1 it was a white background. Das it tho.