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Darryl Barryl


Red Hat

Also known as

An Old Anti-Friend (Chris, Season 9), Mr. Barryl (Jerry, Season 9)


6, 7, 9 - Present

First Episode

A Case of the Darryl

Last Episode



2014 - Present



"There's no school after eighth grade, is there?"

Darryl Barryl is a recurring character (main character in Season 12) of The Christopher Show. In Seasons 6 and 7 he was an antagonist but in Season 9 he returned as a good character, and has since then been on the show.



Darryl has a red hat and no glasses. His voice is deeper than Chris & Danny's.

In The Series

Darryl first appeared in the Season 6 Finale when he was defeated by Danny. He appears again in the Season 7 Premiere, where he got defeated again. Then he returned in Season 9 as a good character. From then on he becomes a supporting protagonist, and actually a main character in Season 12 only. Darryl is absent in the beginning of Season 13, firsf appearing in Danny & Darryl, Back as Bros.

First Appeared Last Appeared
Season 6 N/A
Episode Name A Case of the Darryl N/A
Episode Number 53 N/A
Date January 4 N/A
Year 2014 N/A


In Seasons 6 and 7, Darryl is a mean, stupid, dumb bully that Danny met on the street and took him in. As soon as Darryl met Chris, Darryl immediately started picking on him, calling him a "nose-bucket". Then Darryl started working together with Danny to set up pranks for Chris. After a while Darryl gets tired of Danny and wants to pull a prank on HIM. So, they fight and it turns into an all-out brawl, depicting that Darryl was an inconsiderate nozzlejockey.

However in Season 9, he returns as a good character, asking for forgiveness from Chris & Danny. He also meets Jerry and Bart in that episode. In Season 12 Darryl starts to get along with Wyatt, and the three of them (Chris, Darryl and Wyatt) even form a new club called "The Darrylites".


  • Darryl is a year older than Chris & Danny.
  • Darryl graduated eighth grade but is not in high school.
  • He hangs out with Danny more in Season 13, as well as Chris.
  • He claims he knows his own karate, "The Darryl Method". (Season 6)
  • He has a yo-yo obsession.
  • When he has to go to the bathroom, no one can stop him.
  • His mom is a congresswoman for Delaware.

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