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Duesburg is the city in which The Christopher Show takes place in. It is a large city in Southern California, and the southernmost point in California.


In the series, Duesburg is the city in which Chris and Danny live (obviously, they live in Chris & Danny's House). It appears that Duesburg has a large suburban section, that Chris and Danny live in, as well as a large Downtown area, as most cities do. The population of Duesburg is unknown but it has been said to be in the millions.



In the 1200s Duesburg was founded by the Flinglienlies, a Native American tribe, and was called "Uijeckin". In 1492, they worried of being raided and killed off by Christopher Colombus and anyone else that arrived there. But this didn't happen until 1508 when another Native American Tribe came in, the "Toinglenlies" and there was a big war.

The Uijeckin War

In 1508 that war happened, and lasted for 3 days. But it wasn't long before the Toinglenlies (Toings for Short) claimed victory. They renamed it Toingnatia, and by 1510 they had started a government.

Fall of Toingnatia

In 1697, the Toings elected "Warsquonk", a fearless new leader. But then he started adding unnecessary and crude laws to the Toingnatia Constitution, and soon caused the citizens to rebel on the empire, and there was a huge riot. Buildings and huts were burned to the ground, and Toingnatia collapsed.

Industrial Revolution Kicks In

From 1697 to around 1850, when the industrial Revolution started, Duesburg was nothing but unclaimed land. No one had found it until the Revolution kicked in. Some British had found the land and called it Doinsberg. They built it up 'till the population was about 5,000. And back then, that was GOOD. Anyway, they built it up with homes, shops, and factories and it, for a while, was a hot trading area. In 1861, the Americans found it and claimed it, and they had the Battle of Doinsberg. The Americans won and had changed nothing but the constitution to it. They made it what is today. Oh, and they renamed it Duesburg. Duh.


Duesburg has a free government, like the rest of America, but with some more laws:

  • You're not allowed to eat pizza while fishing.
  • Clowns are forbidden to play the violin.
  • You're not supposed to drive a bulldozer with a bulldog.
  • If you see fish poop in your fish tank, cut it in two with a scissor. If not, put the doody in a pen cap and throw it in a tree.

And there's more than that.


Mount Duesburg

Mount Duesburg sits in the Duesburg Mountain Valley in East Duesburg (See Geography). It is the tallest structure in Duesburg, surpassing the Duesburg Tower in Downtown.

Plaza Square

Plaza Square sits in Lower Downtown Duesburg. It is a park with benches and there is a giant jumbotron on the building across the street. It is situated between 15-13 Streets (14th gets cut off by the park) and Merida and 20th.

Duesburg Park

Duesburg Park is a 5-block long park, in Lower Downtown Duesburg. It is like Central Park in NYC but smaller in size. It is known for Belchenburg Lake in the center.

Duesburg Tower

Duesburg Tower is the tallest building in Duesburg, situated in Downtown Duesburg. It is 98 Stories plus an antenna which has the American Flag on one side and the Duesburg Flag on the other (see Flag). So, with the antenna it is 105 Stories. THAT'S BIHG! It is situated on Butto Court and Tower Street. On the South side is 35th Street and Chubawuffa Avenue on the East Side of the tower.

Ching-Yong Plaza

Ching-Yong Plaza was one of the tallest buildings in Duesburg. And I say WAS because it's no longer here. It was a 75-story skyscraper with a 3-story mansion on top. And it was Chinese. (See Disasters).

Duesburg Bridge

The Duesburg Bridge is one of two bridges that connects Duesburg and LA. It is the western bridge, and to access it there is a tunnel which runs under Northwestern Duesburg. That tunnel turns into the bridge. The bridge passes Salla, Inc. It is a bluish-green, 456 foot. suspension bridge

Hollywood Bridge

The Hollywood Bridge is the one of two bridges that connects Duesburg and LA. It is the eastern bridge, and the Duesburg Expressway runs into it. To access it, The Duesburg Expressway will form a T-Intersection. Go right if you want Las Vegas. Go straight if you want the Hollywood Bridge, or just Downtown Duesburg. The Hollywood Bridge is a gold suspension bridge, at 408 feet, and has a big pair of sunglasses on the top. These sunglasses have stars on them, because this is HOLLYWOOD!

Salla, Inc.

Salla, Inc. is the second-tallest building in Duesburg. It is owned by the world-famous (or maybe just Duesburg-famous) Mr. Salla, a big boss. He also owns Salla, Corp., a long industrial warehouse in the Industrial District.

Duesburg Mall

The Duesburg Mall is the largest mall in Duesburg, and America. It is 10 blocks long, has 1,009 shops/stories, and can fit YOU. It is located on Extinguisher Street.

La Quesa Building

The La Quesa Building was a 81-story skyscraper that was bombed on February 18, 1998. It later collapsed on the streets killing 2,083 people. (See Disasters).

The Baja Bridge (El puente de Baja)

The Baja Bridge was the bridge that connected Duesburg with Baja California via the Feldisian River. But, in 2006, due to border issues, was demolished.

Duesburg Beach

Duesburg Beach is a beach which is on the Pacific Ocean, all the way in West Duesburg. It is 3 blocks from where Downtown starts.

Southern Beach

Southern Beach is the beach all the way in the Southern-most point of Duesburg, and California. It is on the Feldisian River, across from Baja California, Mexico. You used to be able to see The Baja Bridge until it was taken down in 2006. It is the largest of the two beaches in Duesburg.


OtisCorp is the third-tallest skyscraper in Downtown Duesburg. It is 92 stories, and the antenna makes it 97. It is a science building which does the research for Duesburg for, well, ya know, science stuff. So it's like a big lab, that sort of thing ;)

Playarts Theater

The Playarts Theater was a massive theater in Downtown Duesburg, right on the edge of Southern Downtown Duesburg, near the suburbs. It was built in 1893 and destroyed in 2014 (see The Playarts Theater Bombing in Disasters.


The Flag of Duesburg is Sky Blue, like the sky, and in the middle is a golden sun with a peace sign in the middle. On the corners of the flag, it has the letter "D" in big bold letters.


The following excludes wars. This only involves incidents from 1900+.

Merrywagon Hospital Collapse (1918)

In 1918, a 5-story hospital in Downtown collapsed, killing 25. Back then, you gotta remeber the buildings in Downtown weren't nearly as tall as they are now. They were like medium-density buildings.

Industrial Factory Explosion (1956)

A generator in a factory in the Industrial District exploded, causing severe damage to the building structure but not collapsing it. 1 person was killed. A few hours later the building was taken down by officials, it was deemed too weak to be standing. It also started a big fire in the neighborhood, which to 5 hours to extinguish. No one was injured or killed in the demolition.

Glauss Park Fire (1977)

Glauss Park was a small park in Mid-Duesburg. It was two blocks long. On December 15, 1977 Dennis Fielder threw a cigarette into a bush there and started a fire. Long story short, the fire lasted for 2 hours, and in that time the whole park was burned down. Dennis was caught in 1978 and was sentenced to life in prison. He died in his cell on March 22, 2013.

La Quesa Building Bombing & Collapse (1998)

The La Quesa Building was an 81-story skyscraper and residential complex in Downtown Duesburg. It was built in 1949 with a structure strong enough to withstand a 8.0 Earthquake on the Richter Scale. But on February 18, 1998, in early morning, a package was sent to the building as unidentified. It was set up so when someone removed the package, the bomb would detonate. 11 minutes after the package arrived in Duesburg, it went off on the 60th floor. You could hear the boom from miles away. It even damaged nearby buildings when it detonated. === As soon as it detonated, whatever was above the 60th floor (Floors 60-81) would be gone. So that's 21 floors that fell onto the street below, and THAT killed an estimated 1,000. So, with a chunk of the building destroyed, and countless lives taken, the rest of the building (floors 1-60) collapses straight down. There goes another estimated 1,000. In total, 2,083 people were killed, including workers in the building, civilians walking on the street below, in cars, and firemen. It caused nearby fires to other buildings but that was soon put out. It cost the city an estimated $2 Billion, and the wreckage took 2 months to clear out.

Cargo Plane Crash (2004)

The pilot of a cargo plane traveling over Duesburg, heading for Hawaii was sniped and killed on April 30, 2004. The plane went down crashing onto Duesburg Beach in West Duesburg. It exploded on the beach and the remains were found in the water. 23 were killed: 1 pilot and 22 civilians on the beach. The cargo was destroyed, obviously, as well.

The Baja Bridge (2006)

This one isn't really a disaster, because it was planned. The Baja Bridge was a bridge built in 1955 which seperates Duesburg and Baja California (Part of Mexico). Due to border issues the bridge was taken down in 2006. Instead of taking it apart, they had OtisCorp build a giant crane which moves on water, like a giant wrecking ball-boat. They knocked it down and it fell in the water, and it took 2 days to remove it all.

The Ching-Yong Plaza (2012)

The Ching-Yong Plaza was a 75-story skyscraper with a 3-story mansion atop it. It was built in 1977 within 8 months. Lots of people thought it wasn't going to last long due to its sloppy structure design and that it was built so fast. And... they were right. They put all the weight inside the mansion, so on August 22, 2012, the mansion imploded, went through the building, and then the rest of the building imploded with it. An estimated 299 people were killed. The only legit video evidence of that second in which the building went down was a weatherman filming the weather on the roof of the Diamond 6 News Studio, which is two blocks from what was the Ching-Yong Plaza. The other video evidence was from blurry security cameras.

House Explosion in Suburbs (2014)

July 25, 2014, at 8:56 AM. This actually happened on the morning this article was written. So, what happened was a boiler in a residence in the suburbs caught fire and exploded. Like, this monstrous explosion just came and took the house with it. According to residents, the "explosion was 4 stories high, and that house was only 2, I think". The house collapsed immediatly and 2 family members, including a dog, two cats and a bird were killed. Houses caught fire like wildfire after that, and the blaze soon caught the neighborhood. It took them 7 hours to put the rest of the fire out.

Playarts Theater Bombing (2014)

This is the most recent event, occuring on October 17, 2014. At 11:00 AM, a play began in the Playarts Theater, as normal. It was the premiere of a new play, which was called, "Hoisters in this Hizzy" and stars a pirate who gets sent to the year 2020. 422 people attended. Anyway, about halfway through the play, at 11:26 AM, the man, Jamesathan Futures, who was playing the lead pirate, grabbed the microphone and started chewing out the other people in the play, and held up a grenade at the security guards making sure no one was to attack him or leave the building. He called them racial slurs, swore at them, and more junx.

This went on for 11 minutes, until at 11:37 AM, one man in the audience was brave enough to shout a remark at Jamesathan, and with this one remark, threw the grenade at the person. The blast killed 51 people around the man, and the two security guards. The blast also started raging fires in the theater and weakened the main support columns in the walls for the theater. The remaining 371 people in the theater were trapped in the theater. At 11:40 AM, Jamesathan killed himself with a second grenade he threw at his feet, this blast caused the 13 other people on the stage (Jamesathan, the 10 cast members of the play and 2 officials) to be killed, and 5.3 seconds later, the stage collapsed killing 2 more in the audience.

At this point the Playarts Theater, the largest theater in Duesburg, was engulfed in smoke and the insides were burning. The fires raged from 11:38 AM until 1:01 PM, when the Playarts Theater started collapsing. From the first grenade blast until seconds before the collapse, 96 people died from burning, smoke inhalation, or falling off the balconies from blindness. That's a total of 260 dead not including the collapse.