"Everything We Stood For"

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September 14, 2013

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"Everything We Stood For" is the ninth episode of Season 5 of The Christopher Show. It aired on September 14, 2013. It is a double-long episode and the Season 5 finale. It is still to this date one of the most important episodes in the series.


Chris sees on TV that a baseball player dove into another player's butt. Danny then teleports next to Chris and shows him the new teleporter he made. But Chris doesn't have time for this because there's a new chattering teeth toy trend and all the kids in the nation now have one. Even Chris has one, and he activates it. But just as Chris turns his on, Danny sees on the news that the teeth were recalled because they shoot zombie gas! So Danny saves Chris by destroying the teeth just before they emitted the zombie gas. So, Chris is safe.

After that zombies show up at the door and bust in. Chris & Danny head upstairs for Danny's room because Chris's room is still damaged from Hurt Lanes. Danny finally tells Chris about The Family Secret of Chris & Danny and gives Chris Nerf guns to fight the zombies off, while Danny uses the sword. Later Danny finds out that Mr. Sir was the one who created the teeth, and thus, created kid zombies all around the nation.

Mr. Sir has a safe that has a potion inside, and he breaks the safe and drinks the potion. The potion makes Mr. Sir into a mega-zombie, and him and Danny have the final battle. Danny has to kill Mr. Sir with the sword.

After that all the zombies turn back into normal, and Chris reveals that a zombie ate his glasses and he doesn't need glasses anymore, resulting in, well, him not needing glasses anymore.


  • This episode was a major special episode in The Christopher Show.
  • This episode is the longest episode to date, over 10 minutes.
  • This is the Season 5 Finale.
  • This is the last appearance of Jack Sir, as he dies in the episode.
  • The Family Secret of Chris & Danny is revealed in this episode. Wow.
  • It is mentioned that Chris & Danny's dad has two brothers, Uncle Teddy and Uncle Chuck. These are Chris & Danny's uncles. However, they aren't seen on-screen.