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Not to be confused with Jailtime, the Season 10 premiere.
Scrapped episode
Series The Christopher Show
Season Would have been 1
Episode in season Would have been 3
Episode in series Would have been 3
Airdate Would have been June 28, 2013
Previous episode Would have been The Day of the Wash
Next Episode Would have been Introducing Patrick Dog!

Jailbreak was a scrapped episode that would have been the follow-up to The Day of the Wash in Season 1 of The Christopher Show.


After Chris gets arrested at the end of The Day of the Wash, he must find a way to escape.

What Happened?

This episode was scrapped, Chris6d admits the episode wasn't necessary to the series and wouldn't have fit in with the feel of the show, at the time.


  • This is one of the only scrapped episodes. The other most famous one was Twister.