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Jerry Peters


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A Piano Tale

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Infected, Part 3





"He put stuff in me, chemicals... and then shot me with a laser. Multiple lasers, actually."
―Jerry in The Season 8 Recap Episode.

Jerry Peters is a character in the series, The Christopher Show. He is Teddy Peters's brother.


Jerry was born before Teddy and was not seen when Teddy moved to Duesburg. However, he was probably there or with somebody else back in Zelzburg. In the Season 3 Finale Teddy moved back to Zelzburg, probably with his bro Jerry. In Season 7 Jerry makes his first appearance, explaining that his parents got divorced, so his mom stayed with Teddy in Zelzburg and his dad moved to Duesburg with Jerry.



Jerry is twins with his brother Teddy. The only thing different about them is that Teddy wears a Yellow Ed Hardy Cap, but Jerry wears a white Heineken Cap (reason is unknown).

In the Series

Jerry's character was short-lived. Jerry was first seen in A Piano Tale when Bart the Piano Teacher came over Chris's house. Danny appears as a cameo in that episode so does not meet Jerry in the episode, although he told Chris there was "a weird man with a mustache and a kid". He officially becomes a main part of the cast in the episode, Patzilla vs. Chrisville as that was the first episode where his name appeared in the theme song.

In the Season 7 finale, Jerry turned Chris and Danny into miniature Lego Hulk figures (I know, right?) by using an invention Danny created. But, Chris doesn't realize Jerry did it, even though Chris was right there at the time. Chris blames Danny, and Danny vows revenge on the both of them. In the Season 8 Recap, Danny gets his revenge on Jerry by injecting him with chemicals and shooting him with lasers. In the events of "Infected", he is struck with a deadly virus due to the chemicals Danny injected in him in the Season 8 Recap, and put in the hospital. Then, it was revealed Jerry was to be fine, but Chris will never see him againè.

NOTE: Jerry is mentioned after Season 9, but this is not included in the chart below.

First Appeared Last Appeared
Season 7 9
Episode Name A Piano Tale Infected, Part 3
Episode Number 55 80
Date January 9 June 18
Year 2014 2014


At first, in the episodes "A Piano Tale" and "When Time Flies", Jerry and Chris disliked each other very much, but in the end of "When Time Flies" Jerry "apoligizes" in the future, and from there on Chris and Jerry get along.

Jerry sees Danny as a nice person, a mentor, a teacher, as seen in the episode "Patzilla vs. Chrisville", and doesn't believe Danny pulls pranks on Chris due to this. In the Season 8 Recap Danny extracts his revenge on Jerry (The one he claimed in the S7 Finale), and Jerry doesn't like Danny anymore. But Danny wins everyone's trust back in "Chris's Birthday". Later in Season 9, when Jerry realizes that Danny was the one who injected the chemicals in him, he doesn't like him anymore.


  • Jerry thinks zombies are going to eat him. (Season 7)
  • Jerry is the first character to not realize Danny's mean side (at first)
  • Jerry is Teddy Peter's brother.

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