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The Christopher Show ran from June 28, 2013 to April 7, 2017. It had 16 seasons and 163 episodes. Wow.

Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 8 June 28, 2013 July 2, 2013
2 9 July 3, 2013 July 8, 2013
3 9 July 9, 2013 July 11, 2013
4 9 1/2 July 14, 2013 July 29, 2013
5 9 August 15, 2013 September 14, 2013
6 9 October 15, 2013 January 4, 2014
7 9 January 4, 2014 May 30, 2014
8 9 1/2 May 31, 2014 June 9, 2014
9 9 June 9, 2014 June 18, 2014
10 9 June 18, 2014 July 10, 2014
11 9 July 12, 2014 December 25, 2014
12 9 December 31, 2014 February 27, 2015
13 12 March 1, 2015 May 22, 2015
14 15 June 5, 2015 October 2, 2015
15 15 December 11, 2015 May 6, 2016
16 15 September 2, 2016 April 7, 2017

Season 1 (2013)

On June 28, 2013, a new series premiered called The Christopher Show. Season 1 was the first season, beginning on June 28, 2013 and ending on July 2, 2013. It had 8 episodes.


Title Air date
1 "Doors Go Slammin'" 6/28/13
Danny rigs the bathroom door so Chris gets hurt when the door slams on his back. Sure enough, the door slams on Chris and he falls, hurt.
2 "The Day of the Wash" 6/28/13

It's that day of the year: the day Chris has to wash the car with his mom. But Chris is always scared because Danny always sprays him with the hose, and he's not getting wet this year. However, Mom forces Chris to wash the car, too, so will he end up drenched?

  • Guest starring Mark.
3 "Math" 6/28/13
Chris has a math test to ace the next day, but the questions make no sense! Will he pass or fail?
4 "Introducing Patrick Dog!" 6/29/13
Chris tells the story of when he felt lonely in the house, so he set out to get a dog, Patrick. But when the Adoption Shelter gives Chris a hard time, he has to decide how to handle the situation.
  • Guest Star: Jack Sir (Mr. Sir) as the Pet Adoption Office Worker. This is Jack Sir's first appearance out of 4.
5 "Spy Fly" 6/30/13
Danny invents an electronic RC fly to "bug" Chris (pun intended).
6 "Beisboll" 7/1/13
Chris is upset when he reminisces the time his baseball league shut down. So, he heads to the Patent Office to patent his new sport, Beisboll, which is exactly the same as baseball, but with a different name. Will he succeed in patenting his new sport or will the Patent Office throw him out in a sack?
  • Guest Starring: Jack Sir (Mr. Sir) as Patent Office Worker (Note: this is Jack Sir's second appearance out of the series, and his last appearance in Season 1).
7-8 "The City Savers" 7/2/13
Chris and Danny find out about an alien invasion with robots and ice monsters called the ARI, that will hit Duesburg in a few days. Chris tells Danny that they have to step up and save the city from the ARI. But Danny is scared.

In Part 2, Chris convinces Danny to stop the ARI with him, and he says yes. So they go to the alien planet to stop the aliens. On the planet, Danny cries and stupidly gives their location away to the aliens! It seems as if they died, but it is revealed they lived and stopped the alien invasion!

  • Note: This is a two-part episode and the Season 1 finale.

Season 2 (2013)

On July 3, 2013, The Christopher Show was renewed for a second season, with 9 episodes. In this season, Chris gets glasses until the Season 5 finale, and a more caring side of Danny for Chris is revealed.

No. Title Air date
9 "Two-Ply" 7/3/13
Danny locks Chris in the bathroom, leaving Chris with nothing but two-ply toilet paper. Chris eventually gets out when he notices Danny left his Shrink Ray on the bathroom floor. Chris shrinks himself down to miniature size, flushes himself down the toilet (ew) and teleports into his room where Danny is, who is surprised that Chris got out.
10 "Like Legos... and Pizza" 7/3/13
Chris is putting together a Lego set when Danny ruins it. Then after that, Chris eats pizza and water. He belches.

  • Note: This episode has the first burp of the series.
11 "Danny the Belchster" 7/4/13
Danny watches the new commercial for Purple Flurp, a soda, which is "the gassiest soda in the world". So, Danny begs Chris to take him to the Slurp & Burp Convention in Downtown. Chris is resistant, but Danny forces him to. Chris knows Danny is going to lose the contest, because Danny belches at home all the time, no biggie. But Chris is proven wrong when Danny belches and the crowd is blown away, even Chris. Chris even vomits from the power, force, and stench of the belch.
12 "Is Zit You or Is Zit Me?" 7/5/13
Danny creates a program on his computer and sets up a gas dispenser in the house, that shoots Chris and gives him a HUGE zit on his face, right before Picture Day in school! Chris then uses Danny's time machine to go back in time and fix the problem.
13 "Something Different" 7/5/13
In this episode, Chris explains the story of how and when he got glasses: Danny put slippery grease on the stairs to make Chris fall down them. Mom thinks Chris fell down the stairs because he couldn't see, and despite Chris's thoughts, forces him to get glasses.
  • From this point on until the Season 5 finale, Chris has glasses, although he sometimes takes them off.
14 "T-Shirt Sellerz" 7/6/13
In this follow-up to "Something Different", Chris makes his own yellow T-Shirts and is selling them for $50 a pop in his room. It soon gets out of control when the kids in the neighborhood overflow the house because they all want to buy the shirts. Chris is excited that he's making all this money, but is overwhelmed by the amount of chaos that is happening. Meanwhile, Danny feels bored and alone without Chris's presence.
15 "Be a Star" 7/7/13
Chris and Danny enter to win a new commercial filming contest. If their phone is called by the contest operators, they win tickets to go down to the movie studio in downtown and film a new commercial. Their phone happens to ring, and Danny picks it up, but stupidly hangs it up. Chris is furious at Danny because they won the contest, but Danny blew it by hanging up. Luckily, they entered a second time and won again. Chris answers this time, accepts the tickets, and they head to the film studios.

In Part 2, Chris and Danny meet the director of the commercial filming, who is revealed to be Jack Sir! Danny doesn't seem to mind, but Chris knows who this guy is: bad news. However, Danny realizes that Mr. Sir is bad when he burps in Danny's face.

  • NOTE: This is a two-part episode but NOT the Season 2 Finale.
  • NOTE: This is Jack Sir's last appearance until Season 5.
16-17 "Nukid on the Block" 7/8/13
A new kid moves in on the block, named Teddy Peters. Chris tries to make friends with Teddy by greeting him but Danny cuts him off. Later on, Teddy starts to hang out with Chris and they become best friends. Danny soon becomes jealous, though, because he thinks Teddy is trying to steal Chris from him. Danny soon confronts Teddy but Chris steps in, telling Danny it's alright. After this, the three of them become friends, but Chris and Teddy become best friends.
  • NOTE: This is the Season 2 Finale.
  • NOTE: This is the first appearance of Teddy Peters.
  • In this episode a side of Danny is revealed that he cares for Chris a little bit.

Season 3 (2013)

On July 9, 2013, The Christopher Show was renewed for a third season, with 9 episodes. In this season Teddy becomes a main character along with Chris and Danny.

No. Title Air date
18 "Drenched...Again" 7/9/13
It's that time of year: the time Chris has to help his parents put up the pool in the backyard! Chris got drenched with the hose by Danny last time he had to wash the car, but he has to put the pool up this year. But with Teddy, it's a new start because he can use Teddy to watch out for Danny. It fails, though, and Chris slips into the pool due to the slippery grease that Danny placed. Chris gets mad at Teddy for not looking out for Danny, and the episode ends in a cliffhanger.

  • NOTE: This episode ends in a cliffhanger, but the next episode acts as if the cliffhanger never happened.
19 "The Fake IDs" 7/9/13
Chris and Teddy want to see the Dark Matter Power Chips, a cool band they like. But the club they are playing at is for ages 21 and over, so they can't get in. But Danny steps in and convinces them to make fake IDs and sneak in. But will they succeed?
20 "Scared Danny" 7/9/13
Danny begs Chris to see a scary movie with him, Zompires 6. But Chris says no because those movies are always lame to him. But Danny threatens to beat him and Chris falls for it, like always. So, they go to the movies along with Teddy. In the theater, Danny is actually scared of the movie, whereas Chris thinks it's boring and Teddy thinks it's cool. When they get home it's time to go to bed. But Danny is paranoid and thinks the Zompires will get him. When Chris burps by accident, Danny gets freaked out because the Zompires in the movie burp after they eat people, so he thinks Chris is a Zompire. But Chris gets his hypnosis kit out from his closet and cures Danny, and then Danny belches in his face, and Chris is disgusted.
21 "The Truth Hertz" 7/10/13
Chris is in a panic because Danny figured out how to fill objects with electricity, and hit Chris with them, electrocuting Chris. Meanwhile, Teddy tries to order the UltraVac, a cool new vacuum. When the vacuum comes, Danny puts an electric chip on it, set to blow up when the vacuum is turned on! But Teddy shows Chris the vacuum, and is so excited about it, he doesn't notice the chip! Chris notices it at the last second, but it's too late. The vacuum blows up on them, and Danny reveals that the prank was meant for Chris, not Teddy.
  • This episode was favored by critics due to its plot, subplot, and comedic value.
    • Chris6d admitted that it was one of his favorite episodes personally.
22 "Fite Nite" 7/10/13
Teddy is having problems with his new phone, and Danny belches in his face. After, someone calls Teddy's phone with a message for Chris. The caller tells Chris that Danny told 80 million people that he is going to challenge Chris to a fight! Later, while Danny gets in shape to beat Chris up in front of all those people, Chris thinks of a way to chicken out without embarrassing himself. Chris uses Danny's hologram machine and makes the hologram go to the fight, while Chris plays video games. After, at the fight, Danny goes to punch Chris, but goes right through him because it's a hologram! Danny embarrassed himself in front of everybody! After the fight, Danny finds Chris in his room, and is furious. But, Danny congratulates him because what he did was sneaky, dirty, and underhanded, like him.
23 "Lock'd Out" 7/11/13
Danny locks Chris out of his own room and Chris must take karate to get back in. But is karate all cut out for him? Meanwhile, Danny tries to get a new bike at the bike shop, but is the owner, Mr. McGrooder, a gangsta hippie, cut out for HIM?
24 "Monsta Trux" 7/11/13
Chris and Teddy go to a monster truck show and have fun. When they get home, they hear about a contest and the winner gets a free monster truck! So they call up, and guess what? They won! They soon drive the monster truck around and have fun with it, even though they're only 12. But soon, they will pay the price for erratic driving because they crash into the building where Danny is giving a speech! Danny then beats Chris.

  • This episode was made because the channel had a monster truck special, like Disney XD did.
25-26 "He's Outta Here" 7/11/13
In this two-part season finale, Teddy has big news that Danny knows already, so Chris wants to find out, but Danny doesn't let him. Chris is furious because he wants to know the news, but Danny says the news is pretty bad and he's not letting Chris hear it for his own good. But Chris doesn't seem to care that Danny is looking out for him. In the end of part 1, Danny eventually takes Chris to Teddy's house so he can hear the news for himself. And the news was that Teddy is moving away. 😢

In Part 2, Chris is sad and whines to Teddy that he shouldn't go, but Teddy says he has no choice because his mom is becoming a supermodel and his dad wants to be a pro belcher, so they have to move away to Zelzburg. Danny tells Chris that this is why he didn't tell him the news, but Chris is furious again and fights with Danny. They fight, and Danny has no choice but to knock Chris out. This meant that Danny's actions caused Teddy and Chris to be unable to say goodbye to each other. And after that emotional scene, Teddy says bye to Danny and leaves forever.

  • NOTE: This is the Season 3 Finale.
  • NOTE: This is the last appearance of Teddy Peters until the Season 7 finale.
  • This episode was favored by critics due to its emotional plot and scenes.
  • In this episode a side of Danny is revealed that he cares for Chris a little bit, because he didn't want to tell Chris the bad news for his own good.
  • Chris was being selfish in these episodes because he didn't care that Danny was only looking out for him, and he paid the price for it.
  • In this episode it seems that Chris cares for Teddy more than Danny, although they are brothers.

Season 4 (2013)

On July 14, 2013, The Christopher Show was renewed for a fourth season. In this season Chris & Danny will travel to exotic places, including the 1800s. This season has 9 1/2 episodes because the first episode is a recap of He's Outta Here, so it is considered a half episode.

  • NOTE: Teddy Peters is no longer a part of the cast.
No. Title Air date
26 1/2 "To Recap" 7/14/13
This episode is more of a half episode, recapping the events in the Season 3 Finale. Basically in this episode, Chris tells about how Teddy is gone, Danny knocked him unconscious until Season 4, and that him and Danny are still not talking. However, that changes when Danny comes to Chris's door to apologize, and tell him that he was only trying to protect Chris. They forgive each other and Danny burps in Chris's face to "bring back the memories, just for old time's sake."
27 "Comics Capers" 7/15/13

Chris is trying dearly to write a cool comic book for a contest, but Danny keeps annoying him. How will he ever finish like this?

  • NOTE: This is the actual season 4 premiere.
28 "The Barfè" 7/15/13
Danny forces Chris to take him to the new rollercoaster in the amusement park, The Barfè. When they ride the coaster, Chris vomits all over Danny. Danny paid the price for his own actions.
29 "Kid Agency" 7/15/13
Chris notices in the newspaper that Danny signed him up for a secret kid agency called the X.I.A. Agency! How will Chris deal with this? Meanwhile, Danny gets some new fish to add to the family.
30 "Bros Before Dinos" 7/16/13
Danny wants to be a superhero, so he dresses up as "DannyMan", but Chris is not amused. He says that Danny is going to kill himself if he goes out there thinking he's a real superhero. But Danny goes anyway to stop crime in the city. He stops a robber stealing $1 but then a terrible foe arises: a giant robot dinosaur that stole Chris! Danny is in a situation where he really needs to be a hero, and step up to save Chris. So, he uses the one superpower he knows he has: The Atomic Belch. BAM!! He belches so badly that Chris throws up all over the dinosaur and the dinosaur explodes! Danny saves Chris like a real superhero. Then Danny burped in Chris's face, like always.
31 "Keybored" 7/18/13
Chris finds a magic keyboard that can do stuff nobody ever imagined. It helped find Chris's keys by making Danny belch them up, after he ate them. Chris copied and pasted money with the keyboard so Danny would go after it, then Chris deleted the money to make Danny fall. Chris even used it to replay the moment Danny fell over and over and over again. But is this keyboard all cut out to be what Chris wants, and should he used it for good, or for Danny?
32 "Brotherly Love... or Hate" 7/19/13

Chris and Danny's annoying and wild cousins, Joey and Dustin Dmitri come over to their house. Chris and Danny don't like them, so how will they deal with their nonsense and defeat them?

33 "Lucy Gone Wilde" 7/21/13
Chris downloads a voice-app assistant named Lucy, who seems to like Chris. But, when Chris isn't around, Lucy turns into an evil app, wanting to DESTROY Danny! How will Danny deal with this monstrosity of an app?
  • NOTE: This episode was favored by critics for its comedic value.
  • The name of this episode is a play on Lucy Wilde, a character in the movie Despicable Me 2.
34-35 "This is What it Was Like?" 7/29/13

Chris buys a time machine of the WebNet and Danny warns him not to use it because he doesn't know how. But Chris is resilient and presses a random number (apparently it was 18, we find that out in Part 2) and Chris and Danny both get sent back to the 1800s!

In Part 2, Chris & Danny find out how to survive until they can fix the time machine. Meanwhile, they explore Duesburg in the 1800s. Soon after, they were automatically teleported back to the present! They then figured out that the year you enter in the time machine is the amount of time you are there. So, in reality, they were only in the 1800s for 18 minutes! Wow!

  • NOTE: This is a two-part episode and the Season 4 Finale.

Season 5 (2013)

On August 15, 2013, The Christopher Show was renewed for a fifth season, with 9 episodes. In this season Chris & Danny will take a vacation to the Coolisean Hotel, Bowl, stay over at a motel, launch fireworks, fight zombies and more!

No. Title Air date
36 "Hole in Half" 8/15/13
Chris wants to go golfing at a VIP Golf Course but isn't invited, but Danny has plans for Chris while he is away at the golf course. So Danny prints up a fake admission slip and convinces Chris to go. So, while Chris is at the course, Danny is in his lair building an electronic RC chip he planted in Chris's golf ball, so Danny could remotely control the golf ball Chris was using, causing Chris to miss every time! Will Chris win the game or lose and find out what Danny did?
37 "The Ripped Scroll of Duesburg" 8/16/13
Chris is admiring his souvenir copy of The Scroll of Duesburg he got in the 1800s. However, Danny is grabby and wants to see it, and it rips! Chris falls unconscious out of shock/fear because the REAL scroll ripped, and now Danny must go back to the 1800s and get a new one! Will Danny successfully replace it before Chris wakes up, or will Chris remember what Danny did and live in fear of changing history forever?
38 "The Coolisean" 8/1713

Chris and Danny go on vacation to a fancy hotel called the Coolisean, but when Danny and Chris fight in the hotel, they get kicked out, ruining the vacation.

  • NOTE: This is a Season 5 special.
39 "Swingfall" 8/22/13
Chris falls off a swing in the park and breaks his arm. How will Danny serve Chris while he's injured?
40 "Do What You Do" 8/29/13

Danny wants to throw Chris a rigged fireworks show because he is the "best brother ever", but he keeps the "rigged" part a secret. So, Chris says yes and the fireworks go off on the street, near Chris's face! Chris was almost killed! Maybe Danny took it a bit too far this time, because Chris very well could've died here.

41 "Hurt Lanes" 9/3/13
Danny forces Chris to go to the bowling alley with him to play for the Pinheads, Danny's team. But when Chris wins, Danny drops a bowling ball on Chris's foot and breaks his foot, because Danny is a sore loser. After that, when they get home, Danny rigs Chris's floor in his room to collapse, and sure enough, the floor collapses and Chris falls through, suffering a double injury.
  • After this episode, Chris's room is not seen for the rest of the season, due to it being destroyed. Caution tape is even seen taped over the door in the episode Everything We Stood For.
42 "Danny the Vocal Manipulationator" 9/8/13
Since Chris's floor collapsed in the previous episode, Chris and Danny have to stay at a dingy motel. When Chris and Danny fight there, Danny finds out he can manipulate other sounds to imitate them exactly! How will this all work out?
41 "Spiders in a House" 9/10/13

Danny pranks Chris with spiders on his first day of 8th grade. But now, the spiders have gotten loose in the house, and Chris and Danny must work together to fix the situation.

44 "Everything We Stood For" 9/14/13

Chris sees on TV that a baseball player dove into another player's butt, which he thought was funny. Danny then teleports next to Chris and shows him the new teleporter he made. But Chris doesn't have time for this because there's a new chattering teeth toy trend and all the kids in the nation now have one. Even Chris has one, and he activates it. But just as Chris turns his on, Danny sees on the news that the teeth were recalled because they shoot zombie gas! So Danny saves Chris by destroying the teeth just before they emitted the zombie gas. So, Chris is safe because of Danny.

After that, zombies show up at the door and bust in, revealing that all the kids in the country that had the chattering teeth turned into zombies, due to the gas! Chris and Danny head upstairs for Danny's room, because Chris's room is still damaged from the episode Hurt Lanes. Danny tells Chris about The Family Secret of Chris & Danny and gives Chris Nerf guns to fight the zombies off, while Danny uses the sword. Later Danny finds out that Mr. Sir was the one who created the teeth, and thus, created kid zombies all around the nation.

Mr. Sir has a safe that has a potion inside, and he breaks the safe and drinks the potion. The potion makes Mr. Sir into a mega-zombie, and him and Danny have the final battle. Danny has to kill Mr. Sir with the sword. After that all the zombies turn back into normal, and Chris reveals that a zombie ate his glasses and he doesn't need glasses anymore, resulting in, well, him not needing glasses anymore.

  • This episode was a major special episode in The Christopher Show.
  • This episode is the longest episode to date, being 10 minutes.
  • NOTE: This is the Season 5 Finale.
  • NOTE: This is the last appearance of Jack Sir, as he dies in this episode.
  • It is mentioned that Chris and Danny's father has two brothers, Uncle Teddy and Uncle Chuck. These are Chris and Danny's uncles. Also, Uncle Teddy is the oldest of the three, and because of this, was the one to pass the sword down to Danny, because Danny is older than Chris.

Season 6 (2013-2014)

On October 15, 2013, The Christopher Show was renewed for a 6th season. This season was supposed to be the final season but Season 7 was confirmed. The final season of The Christopher Show is yet to be announced.

No. Title Air date
45 "Danny, Jr." 10/15/13
Chris is back from a Jewish wedding on his dad's side of the family and tells Danny that in the time he was gone, he and their dad flew to Brooklyn, NY and met Deron Williams of the Brooklyn Nets. Also, Dad got a picture with the Brooklyn Knight. But anyway, Danny has an obsession with this balloon he drew an ugly face on, and he's calling it "Danny, Jr." now. So, Chris must snap him outta it.
46 "Tea Potty" 10/30/13

Chris tries to head up to the mountains to avoid Danny, but Danny signs Chris up for a girly tea party in Downtown. Now Chris must sit through that and sip tea. Will he escape?

47 "The Christopher Shoe" 11/10/13
Mom tells Chris that she's putting Danny's old baby shoes in his room, but the thing is, they stink. Chris tries to come up with ways to get rid of them, but Mom will have none of it!
48 "A Very Danny Chris-Mas" 12/25/13
See how Christmas is celebrated with Chris & Danny, and see what they get on this joyous day!
49 "Dreamscaperers" 12/28/13
Danny gets trapped in his own dreams when not feeling good. Now he cannot get out of it. He will learn things he never knew, if he survives!
50 "A Year of Great Pranx" 12/31/13
It's New Years Eve and Chris, Danny and the family are at the house partying. Chris's friends are there, even Joey & Dustin are there! So c'mon, celebrate good times! Come on! Da na na na... no? Ok.
51 "Ear Wacks" 1/3/14

Danny claims he has enough ear wax to build a museum, and not only the attractions, but the building itself, too. Uh, oh!

  • Joey is mentioned in this episode.
52 "Girlz Krazy" 1/4/14
Danny spots a girl he likes, but when Dad says he can't date her, they will fight outside to see if Danny gets grounded or not.
53 "A Case of the Darryl" 1/4/14

Danny meets a new friend, Darryl Barryl and they get along. How you ask? Because they both love picking and pranking on Chris. But when Darryl turns on Danny, Danny and Darryl will fight to the max. Who's gonna win? Darryl is big, brute & strong, and danny is, well... Danny.

  • This is the Season 6 finale and the first but not only appearance of Darryl Barryl.

Season 7 (2014)

On January 5, 2014, The Christopher Show was renewed for a 7th season. In this season, even more goofy junk happens between Chris & Danny, including Danny having laser Tag Fights, Chris taking Piano Lessons while metting some new faces along the way, to having fake pinball tournaments to BECOMING Lego Hulk Figures!

  • Jerry Peters, Teddy Peters's brother, joins the main cast. At first he does not like Chris but then they become best friends like Chris did with Teddy. Jerry likes Danny until the finale.
  • Bart Onasaf becomes a minor character, Chris and Jerry's Piano teacher. He is funny and favored among critics.
No. Title Air date
54 "Barryl Returns" 1/7/14

Chris & Danny are back playing Battleship when Darryl Barryl returns. Darryl takes his anger out on Danny, but Chris too this time. Chris gets upset and Danny kicks Darryl's *** (it means tushie, people. So squeamish.) Danny does it for Chris.

  • This is the Season 7 Premiere and the final appearance of Darryl Barryl... for a while. He returns in Season 9 as a minor character.
55 "A Piano Tale" 1/9/14

Chris is now taking piano lessons from Bart Onasaf, a good piano teacher in the neighborhood. Chris also meets Jerry Peters, the brother of Teddy Peters. Soon a fight breaks out between Chris and Jerry which leaves their friendship dangling.

  • This is the first appearance of Jerry Peters and Bart Onasaf, and Jerry Peters joins the main cast.
56 "When Time Flies" 1/10/14
Danny invents a machine that sends you into the future. When Danny interrupts Chris's piano lessons to get him to use it, Chris finds that Jerry wants Chris's forgiveness and wants to be best friends with him. So, they become friends in the present.
57 Patzilla vs. Chrisville 1/11/14

Chris is building a model city on the floor for his dad's working comany. But little does he know Danny set up an invisible piece of chicken in the middle of "Chrisville" and when Danny turns it visible, Patrick eats it, destroying the city. After that Danny sees Jerry scared on the floor, saying the zombies are coming. Danny convinces him that there are no zombies, because he and Chris beat them some time ago.

  • In this episode, Jerry reveals his true feelings about Danny: that he likes him, looks up to him, and doesn't understand why Chris thinks he's a menace.
58 De Pinbole Story 2/24/14
Chris & Danny have a fake Pinball competition. You know those TV Shows where one episode doesn't really have to do with any of the others? This is it.
59 All Out War 4/17/14

Danny gets accepted to a laser-tag tournament that is being held at the house while Chris gets to ply in the snow. But little does Chris know Danny put sticky grease in the snow.

  • Before this episode, there was a development gap which lasted for a few months. However, this was only Part 1, lasting from 2/24 to 4/17.
60 Your Thoughts, Jerry? 5/6/14

Danny got accepted into the top laser-tag tournaments in Alcapaca, so Chris and Jerry have chats about stuff. Nothing unusual here. But Jerry reveals to Chris his feelings about Danny.

  • "Alcapaca" is a parody of the city Acapulco, near Mexico City.
  • This episode was premiered after the second development gap in Season 7, lasting from 4/17 to 5/6.
61 Whitey-Out 5/9/14
Danny sends over a form of white-out he developed to Chris, while he's at the Laser Tag Tournament. But it was rigged to explode, causing white-out to splash everywhere, and it's permanent. Chris better pray, because what's happening next?
62 Hulk Peters 5/30/14

Danny's back from the Laser Tag Tournament and Chris is building a model bridge with his friends for school. Chris then wakes up upstairs in his room, unconsious, a few hours later. Chris says Danny wrecked the project and got away with it, and says how he hates Danny. Danny gets him an exclusive Lego Hulk Model, and Chris forgives him... I think. Anyway, Jerry comes in and asks if Chris knows about the Hulk Thing yet. He also says that Teddy got the same one, and he found two of Danny's devices downstairs.

Danny says that one is a PlayStation remote, and yells to Jerry not to use the other one. But Jerry says everything Danny makes is good, since he DOES believe Danny is good. He uses it on Chris & Danny and they both get teleported to another dimension, where they are BOTH Lego Hulks, in TEDDY PETERS'S ROOM, BEING PLAYED WITH BY TEDDY, AND TEDDY DOESN'T EVEN KNOW IT. They cannot interact with anything but themselves. Teddy forces them to fight and they hurt each other. Soon Teddy leaves the room and Chris & Danny get teleported out of there.

Later on, Chris wants to make sure they are back, and a telemarketer calls, and then Chris says they're back, all right. But Chris is still mad at Danny and Jerry, and Danny says why Chris is mad at him when Jerry activated the device. Jerry then remarks by blaming Danny, and Chris goes with Jerry. Now it's 2 against 1 (2 v. 1) and Danny says that both of them are gonna pay for what they did. Danny leaves the room in disgust and Chris asks Jerry why he's sitting quietly on the bed, but he doesn't answer. He's hidng something.

  • This is a double episode and the Season 7 finale.
  • This episode was favored by critics due to its touching plot and scenes.
  • Teddy Peters guest stars in this episode. It was confirmed that Teddy Peters will appear in more episodes in the future, and possibly come back.

Season 8 (2014)

On May 31, 2014, The Christopher Show was renewed for an eighth season. This season has more action than ever before, and it has a recap episode like Season 4 to recap the events between Seasons 7 & 8. It started on May 31, 2014 and ended on June 9, 2014, with 9 1/2 (10) episodes.

  • NOTE: Jerry Peters is still a part of the cast.
No. Title Air date
62 1/2 To Recap 5/31/14

This episode is more of a half episode, recaping the events in the Season 7 Finale. Here, Danny extracts his revenge on Chris & Jerry, the revenge he promised in the S7 Finale. He gets revenge on Jerry by injecting him with chemicals, shooting him with lasers multiple times—which you can hear from Chris's room, by the way—and electrocuting him (that too). Chris's revenge has Danny turn into a giant monster and punching him, KO'ing him, cold. Chris then limps, hurt, to Danny's room, the location where it happened, to find Jerry.

Jerry tells Chris the truth: that it was his fault for what happened in "Hulk Peters" (even though it's obvious). Chris then tells Jerry it's okay and that finally, he understands what Chris goes through every day. Then Jerry tells Chris that Danny injected him with chemicals. Then they both pass out and the next day they wake up fine.

63 Characters Come to Town 5/31/14

Danny is acting nicer to Chris now, after the incident, & invents an invention that makes Disney Infinity Characters come alive, out of their dimension. He does this to make Chris happy, but they get all over the house, causing ruckus, eating flies, and burping (yes.) How will they both take care of this?

64 Chris's Birthday 5/31/14
Remember how Danny is nice to Chris now? Well, Chris tells the story of how Danny planned his 13th birthday at the house. Danny invites all of Chris's friends and family: Jerry, Joey, Dustin, Bart, and more. But no Teddy. Danny makes Chris a birthday-robot, the Birthday Bot, which Chris loves, and a dancing robot. Danny earned his trust back with everyone, and it was epic.
65 Chicken Capers 6/1/14
Danny tells Chris that he found Easter Eggs in his lair, and he left them on the tabel downstairs, because he knows Chris likes those. Chris says he likes them empty, and thanks him. Later, the easter eggs HATCH in front of Chris and Chris thinks Danny did this on purpose! But what about Chris & Danny's bond relationship? Anyway, these chicks are all over the house now, and Chris & Danny don't have much time to collect them all--or vaporize them all.
66 Spiders in a House Continued 6/1/14
Danny orders a bunch of spiders to do testing on them ONLY, and then send them back to the Acne Acme Company. Chris is worried because he doesn't want a repeat of last time (Season 5). But when the crates of spiders outside fall on the street, the spiders are coming inside the house. Danny and Jerry run for Danny's room, meanwhile Chris is knocked out by the spiders in the other room. Will Danny & Jerry stay in Danny's room forever, or will Danny make a run for Chris's room, and use Chris's BirthdayBot to kill the spiders, but that would mean the Birthday Bot's death?
67 Danny Scary 6/1/14

Danny is back to his old self, and this time, his pranks are the most scariest they've ever been! I mean, we're talking dancing skeletons, 10 foot coffins, floating dishware, and a giant T-Rex outside! Will Chris live through this? Here's a hint: I dunno.

68 105 Things We Need to Fix 6/6/14

Danny blows the locks on all the cages in the zoo! And better yet, the animals are coming in the house, FAST! Will they fend off the animals, or is it all just a dream?

69 The Wrath of Chris 6/6/14
Danny turns Chris into a werewolf and Chris is angry. When Chris punches Danny and proves he's stronger in that state, Danny turns him back. No further explanation needed.
70 No Proof, No Belief 6/9/14

Chris must catch a paranormal event on tape for school. When Danny decides to make a fake Bigfoot prank, Chris actually believes it's real, and hands in the video to school. But now nobody believes Chris, and will Chris get an A++, A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, or the dreaded F, or even the F- or F--?

71 Buddy Day 6/9/14

Chris is going on a buddy day (you know, when a 7th or 8th grader goes to a high school for a day just to observe, but doesn't do any work? Yeah, that's Buddy Day.) Anyway, Danny puts an invisible chemical sprayer agent on Chris's clothing to make everybody at the high school think the lethal smell is HIM!

  • This is the Season 8 finale.

Season 9 (2014)

On June 9, 2014, The Christopher Show was renewed for a 9th season. In this season, Chris, Danny & Jerry are back for more of their usual. But, when something happens to Jerry that ACTUALLY happened in the Season 8 recap, something BAD, you'll want to know. If you hate spoilers, don't read on.

  • Jerry Peters, Teddy Peters's brother, is still in the main cast. In the finale, which is a 3-part special, remember the chemicals in the Season 8 recap that Danny put in him? Yeah, those catch up and make Jerry very very ill.
  • Jerry Peters's last appearance is in Infected, Part 3. He is mentioned after that, though.
No. Title Air date
72 "Trapped in the AC" 6/9/14

Chris is back, and Jerry, too. We know because Jerry is cheering for the Rangers hockey team. Too bad they lost. Anyway, Danny is back, too, and invents a device which makes Chris 3 micro-inch-things tall, and teleports him inside of his air conditioner, which is on! That's "cold"! (Pun intended). And, worse, if someone goes to shut it off, Chris falls inside the compressor and dies!

Sure enough, Danny shuts off the air conditioner and Chris falls, but you don't think Danny would make Chris die, right? Maybe? Well, nope! Because as soon as Chris died, he was teleported back to his old self, and good as new! See? Danny didn't kill Chris... kinda.

73 "Barryl's Back But Not for Harm" 6/10/14

Darryl Barryl (Season 6) comes back, but he's changed now, he's good. Chris & Danny accept him back, and they are buds now.

Then Bart and Jerry walk in and they all meet. Bart asks Chris is he's ready for a piano lesson, and Chris sadly tells Bart that he dismantled his keyboard. Bart rages, saying that's the worst thing one can do, and kicks Chris out of the class. Jerry says, "NO!!" and Chris desperately tells Bart that he HAD to do it to make room in his house. Bart accepts, but now the classes can't be held at his house anymore, they're gonna be held at Bart's shop in downtown.

74 The 6d 6/11/14
Danny receives his Pranking Quarterly Magazine and him and Darryl look it over. Danny then sees a "7Dinator" which makes 6D movies 7D, and proceeds to order it. 7D makes the characters in a 6D movie actually come to life. So when Chris goes to see "The Last Alive 3: Humanity's Chance" in 6D, Danny rigs the projector making it 7D, and the characters in that horror film come to life! AAAAHH!!
75 Backstabbed 6/11/14

Danny posts a video that Chris tells him not to. Then Danny belches. Then he backstabs Chris by telling all of Chris's friends. That's it.

76 Roll the Dice 6/14/14
Danny wants to get a pair of dice to control every action he does. When Chris tells him it's not a good idea, Danny doesn't listen and gets a pair from Darryl. Danny uses them until Chris comes home from a piano lesson, and then is convinced they won't help him. Then Danny eats the dice.
77 Megaphoned 6/16/14

Chris is building a giant Minecraft city for Dad's job (planning & building cities. Sounds cool.) Anyway, Chris blasts a megaphone siren in his ear and says that helps him think. When Danny can't take it anymore, he sends a miniature tank to blow up the megaphone, when Chris puts it down on the desk. That's it.

78 Infected, Part 1 6/17/14

In Part 1 of "Infected", a 3-episode special, Danny finds out that Jerry was struck with a disease and is in the hospital now. When Danny tells Chris the news, Chris panics, saying that he can't lose a best friend. Danny understands, and says that tomorrow the hospital will call back and have the results.

The next day Danny is nervously waiting upstairs for the hospital to call back, while Chris was taking a nap downstairs. When the hospital calls back, they say Jerry was infected with a certain chemical injection, PX-41. But remember in the Season 8 Recap when Jerry tells Chris that Danny injected chemicals in him? Those chemicals were PX-41!

When Danny tells Chris that he is the one that did it, Chris goes beserk, yelling at Danny, that he learned PX-41 is fatal in science class. Also, that Jerry Peters could die, and when Jerry gets out of the hospital (if), Chris is having Danny's lair taken out of the house, and he may just call the cops on him and have him arrested.

79 Infected, Part 2 6/17/14
In Part 2 of "Infected", Teddy Peters comes to visit Jerry, and stops at Chris's house to talk. Danny walks in and Chris starts screaming at him, telling him nobody likes him anymore. Teddy tells Danny nicely to please leave while he talks to Chris. Teddy then says to Chris that he now realizes Danny is evil. Even when Jerry told him about how evil Danny was (most likely after the Season 8 Recap and "Chris's Birthday", because the Recap was when Danny started all this and "Chris's Birthday" is when Danny earned everyone's trust back) he still didn't understand that Danny was bad. Now that he realizes it, Teddy says he doesn't see Danny the same, he sees him as a rotten speck. Then Danny says that he doesn't need anyone else in his life and dissappears.
80 Infected, Part 3 6/18/14

In the final "Infected", Chris finally takes action, going so far as to call up the Construction Crew and finally have Danny's lair removed from the house. Teddy walks in and tells Chris that Jerry Peters is finally getting better. But, his condition will worsen, and then over many months it will finally get better, and when Jerry gets out of the hospital he's moving away, back with Teddy. Now that Jerry is getting better, Chris is still not talking to Danny, and if Danny even talks to Chris, he's calling the cops on Danny and he's goin' to jail.

  • This is a three-part saga and the Season 9 finale.
  • This is the final physical appearance of Jerry Peters.
  • Originally, Jerry Peters was going to die in this episode, but the developers thought it was too violent for the audience, and how would Danny live with himself if Jerry Peters died?

Season 10 (2014)

On June 18, 2014, The Christopher Show was renewed for a 10th season. In this season, Chris calls the cops on Danny and he goes to jail. Now that Danny's gone, Chris becomes more successful, from inventing his own apps to getting awards to winning thousands of bucks in a contest! But how long will this last? Season 10 premiered on June 18 and ended on July 10, 2014.

  • Jerry Peters is no longer part of the cast.
  • Danny only makes one appearance in Season 10, and is absent for the rest of the season, due to him going to jail. He is still mentioned, though. It is also worth noting that the only other episodes Danny was absent for were Episode 2, "The Day of the Wash" (He technically appeared but it wasn't a physical appearance), Episode 4, "Introducing Patrick Dog!", and Episode 6, "Beisboll", all in Season 1. But he was mentioned in those episodes.
  • In this season a new character debuts, Wyatt Onasaf, Bart Onasaf's son.
No. Title Air date
81 "Jailtime" 6/19/14

Three months after the events of "Infected", Danny managed to avoid Chris. But when Danny finally asks Chris for forgiveness, Chris snaps. Remember how in "Infected" Chris said that if Danny ever talked to him again, he would call the cops on him and have him arrested? Well, it happened, and Danny goes to jail.

82 "Miniature Literature" 6/21/14

Chris is feeling glorious and open-minded now that Danny's gone, so he creates an app called "Miniature Literature" for kids. It gains lots of bucks but Darryl tells Chris that they took down the app from the store. The REAL story is that Danny snuck an invention away with him to prison, where everytime Chris makes something, such as an app, he pushes the button and it gets deleted.

83 "Awards Ceremony" 6/25/14
Chris is receiving an honorable reward for school, with a bunch of his friends. See that story as Chris tells it.
84 Picking 6/27/14

Chris invents a new card game, Picking, which earns lots of bucks. That's really it.

85 Time is Money 6/27/14
Chris wins a contest and has 45 minutes to get to the airport to claim $45,000. But, there's no airport in Duesburg and he's only 13, so he can't drive. So... what's he gonna does?!?!
86 Switched 6/30/14

One of Danny's old inventions must have accidentally kicked in, because now, Chris and Patrick switched places! Waaah!!

87 Bart's Son, Part 1 7/1/14

In Part 1 of "Bart's Son", Bart comes over the house to show Chris that Wyatt, his son, is going to take the place of Jerry Peters in the piano class. Chris gets excited, and says that Wyatt could be his new best friend. Bart tells Wyatt that he can stay over but to be careful. So he leaves and Chris and Wyatt go play video games. When Bart comes back 20 minutes later, wanting Wyatt to go now, Chris doesn't understand why Bart rushed Wyatt out of the house so quickly.

  • In this episode the reason Bart said Wyatt had to leave so quickly is foreshadowing Part 2, and eventually, "Reasons" in Season 11.
  • This episode is the first appearance of Wyatt Onasaf, a minor chararcter.
  • The details about Bart's car are revealed in this episode.
88 Bart's Son, Part 2 7/5/14

In Part 2 of "Bart's Son", Bart takes Wyatt to his piano shop and tells him that he doesn't want Wyatt to hang out with Chris so much anymore. They can take lessons together, but no other than that. Wyatt revolts and says that he wants to hang out with Chris no matter what, because he's a good person. So he goes. But Bart understands more than he and Chris do.

Wyatt goes to Chris's house but he is acting extremely awkward...

89 A Flight Outta Here 7/10/14

In the Season 10 finale, Chris buys tickets to go to "that all expensive paid vacation place" and heads out of Duesburg on a plane. And YES, he remembered sunblock.

Season 11 (2014)

On July 12, 2014, The Christopher Show was renewed for an 11th season. In this season, Danny is released from jail from Season 10, and Chris & Danny finally talk again, but it results in them not talking for the rest of the season. Season 11 began on July 12, 2014 and ended on December 25, 2014.

  • NOTE: The season starts on July 12, 2014, and because SuspiCon was July 13, The Christopher Show was delayed until further notice. Chris6d was supposed to start making them again around mid-October but due to personal issues Season 11 was again delayed until December 1, when it return'd.
No. Title Air date
90 Released 7/12/14

Chris hears on the news that Danny is being released from jail, and is furious. Danny comes home for the first time in three months, and hides in the bathroom to avoid Chris's fury. Chris vowed that he would never speak to Danny ever again, and they would avoid each other for years to come. And Danny's confidence has been shaken in jail, so he's nothing now but a puny wimp. How will Chris and Danny face each other?

  • Guest starring Mark.
91 The Confrontation 7/12/14

In the follow-up to "Released", Danny builds enough courage to face a furious Chris. Chris tells Danny that there's nothing he can do—Danny's tried to hurt him and others too many times. The next day they meet again, and Chris tells Danny that they can't talk anymore. "The Wall" is being planted between the two, and they cannot speak again. So it ends like that—Danny and Chris avoiding each other for a long time.

But how can Danny live like this? His confidence has been shaken, and his true feelings toward Chris have been released. He now lives in the attic, where his lair used to be but it was taken out of the house (along with all his inventions and equipment, so he cannot make inventions anymore) and he doesn't come out.

Danny realizes that he needs Chris.

92 The TV Jacker 12/1/14
What will Chris, Darryl and Wyatt do when The TV Jacker hacks into Chris's TV?
93 Reasons 12/1/14

Bart finally reveals to Wyatt and Chris why he didn't want the two to hang out outside of the piano lessons. The Onasaf Feud explains it.

94 Way of the Domino 12/7/14
Darryl buys a pack of dominoes and tells Chris to watch him set them up, then let Chris tip them and explain it because he claims he was once a pro domino person, or "dominoic", as he calls it. But turns out, he was faking.
95 Secret of the Pants 12/8/14

Chris stumbles upon one of Danny's old inventions that the construction crew forgot to take out when they rid the house of Danny's inventions. The invention is a miniature pair of pants that walks and shoots lasers. Yowch.

96 Hotel Life 12/8/14

In this special episode of The Christopher Show, Chris wants to be away from Danny, so he stays at a hotel far away for a while. But how long will Chris be able to put up with hotel life?

97 Pie Time 12/24/14

Will Darryl & Chris get to eat one last pie from their favorite pie shop that's closing?

98 Santa's Schemes 12/25/14

In the Season 11 Finale, it's Christmas 2014 and Chris usually spends it with Danny. But now that Chris & Danny aren't talking, Danny's not there and Chris is sad. So he watches Santa's Schemes, some online videos that show Santa getting into trouble. It even has dancing reindeer and Santa farting. But will it cheer Chris up?

Season 12 (2014-2015)

On December 24, 2014, Season 12 of The Christopher Show was confirmed. It premiered on December 31, 2014 and ended on February 27, 2015.

  • The 2014 New Year's Special was in Season 6, and the 2015 New Year's Special was in Season 12. Notice the pattern? (This was coincidental).
    • It is also worth noting that the 2014 New Years Special was episode 50, and the 2015 New Year's Special was episode 100. That was also a coincidence.
  • This season was the second season to span over two different years (2014 and 2015.) The first was Season 6 (Also notice the pattern?)
  • Season 12 housed the 100th episode, which was the New Year's Special, as previously stated.
  • In this season (the finale to be exact), Chris & Danny get back together and Danny is a changed brother; he is good now. Yey!
  • This season is the last of Bart and Wyatt. Bart almost made it to 2015. Almost!
No. Title Air date
99 A Bigger Piano 12/31/14

Bart purchases a bigger piano for his shop, but it arrives by helicopter, and you can guess what happens (SPOILER: It falls and breaks). So Bart tries to purchase it again, but the sale is over and it will cost Bart double. Plus, they're sold out. So Bart goes on a quest to find a new one.

  • NOTE: This is the final appearance of Bart. After this he is not seen or mentioned again.
100 New Year's Special 2015 1/1/15

It's New Year's again, and it's without Danny this year.

101 The Darrylites 1/11/15

Chris, Darryl & Wyatt are best friends now, so they want to start a club, like "the cool bros do". So Darryl convinces them to name the club "The Darrylites" because "it goes with the rhythm". So, they do. But where will their BOO be? (Base of Operations).

102 In Da Tent 2/1/15

The Darrylites have their very first meeting at the location they decided on: a tent in Chris's backyard. However, things fall apart and the Darrylites club ends. But Chris, Wyatt and Darryl still remain friends.

103 Brother From Another Motherboard 2/1/15

It's Super Bowl Sunday and Chris is pumped. Danny is also watching it from the attic (where he lives. He doesn't come out). As we know, along with the Super Bowl comes a load of new commercials. When Chris sees a commercial (and Danny sees it too) about two brothers getting along so nicely (and one has a hat) it makes Chris think about Danny, and vice versa, and they both get sad (but not together of course).

104 Snowstorm 2/8/15

There's a huge snowstorm outside, and Chris, Wyatt and Darryl are trapped in the house. It could be a few hours, could be days, could be weeks. (The latter is most likely not true).

105 Behind the Spotlight 2/8/15

Wyatt finds a video camera in his junx drawer but is upset when he finds out it doesn't work. Chris vows to try to fix it to make Wyatt feel better (he can't ask Danny because he doesn't talk to Danny anymore, and Danny has no inventions, so no fixing goin' on here). Sure enough, Chris fixes it but soon regrets it, for Wyatt is now attached to the camera and is using it 25/7. Yes. 25/7.

  • NOTE: This is the final appearance of Wyatt. After this he is not seen or mentioned again.
106 Stayin' Un-bored 2/22/15

Chris must beat the bored blues when he finds out his friends aren’t coming over.

107 We Stand United 2/27/15

In the Season 12 Finale, Chris & Danny forgive each other, make up, and are back to bein' bros. And Danny's got no more lair or inventions, he's a normal brother now. But he's over that phase anyway, so yey!

  • This is the Season 12 finale. It is a double episode, similar to previous season finales.

Season 13 (2015)

Season 13 of The Christopher Show was confirmed on February 8, 2015. It premiered on March 1, 2015 and is scheduled to end on May 22, 2015. This season contained 12 episodes, being the first season to have more than 9 episodes. Not much else is known about this season at this time.

  • This season was the first season to not have 9 episodes since Season 1, which had 8 episodes. This season instead had 12 episodes.
    • Seasons 4 and 8 had recap episodes, but recap episodes count as half episodes and thus, Seasons 4 and 8 do not count.
    • Season 14 was also confirmed to have 15 episodes.
No. Title Air date
108 Adjusting 3/1/15

Chris & Danny are reunited and Danny is out of the attic for the first time in seven months. Danny is a changed man: no more inventions, so no more pranks; he is genuinely nice to Chris and everyone else; he has learned his lesson and is ready to start anew. But he’s gotta get used to his environment, being in the attic for 7 months. Jeez!

109 Pop My Ears Now 3/13/15

Danny gets inspired by a TV show that he can sing. He starts singing everywhere(s), around the house, 'round the hizzy, etc. And he genuinely believes he can sing. But the reality is that, he can't sing. How will Chris break the news to him?

110 Danny-oke 3/18/15

Danny realizes that his singing fate is short lived, so what if he starts rapping? Chris reveals that he's a good singer (which he's really not either) so Danny ask him if he can rap with his singing, so Chris agrees.

111 Chris's Crush 3/25/15

Danny finds a letter in Chris's room that says "M + E" in a heart shape. Danny thinks that this means Chris has a crush, but it can't be because 'Chris' doesn't start with an 'M' or an 'E'. But you know Danny, so he goes along with it. Let's see where this leads.

112 Ice Heist, Baby 4/4/15

All the ice in Chris & Danny's fridge is gone. Chris thinks it was aliens that took the ice, and Danny reasons that it was robbers wearing stealth ninja belts (he thinks his argument is more reasonable, which I guess it is, considering he's up against aliens). However, in the end they realize that the ice just ran out, no one stole it.

  • Guest starring Mark.
113 Danny & Darryl, Back as Bros 4/9/15

As we know Danny and Darryl used to be best friends, and then Chris started tagging along and the three of them became bros. After Danny went to jail Chris & Darryl became best bros without Danny. And when Danny came back, the three of them went back to being bros. But now Chris feels that since Darryl and Danny haven't been hanging out lately they're hanging out as much as possible now, leaving Chris behind.

114 Chris Cross 4/20/15

Chris has received a copy of his grad picture and shows it to Danny. Danny has just started a special school called the "Prison Life Recovery And Elementary Learning School and Education of Knowledge for the Better", or the PLRELSEKB. But as we know, Chris goes to a normal school, and Danny realizes that as of now, his school ain't exactly normal. So what is he to do?

115 The Cook-off 4/27/15

Danny claims he is the best cook there is. Chris interjects, saying that he is better (even though everyone else (besides Danny) knows Chris has never cooked a day in his life). When Danny challenges a cook-off, Chris will have to train to prepare to make the best soufflĂŠ evah (or whatever he has to make for the cook-off).

116 Twisted Wizards 5/1/15
A new epic video game, Twisted Wizards, is coming out, and Chris & Danny are excited. Getting it the day it comes out gives you a bonus downloadable content pack and extra in-game points. But what happens when Chris & Danny get grounded when they get blamed for causing Darryl to slip on a toy license plate, and they can't get the game?
117 Danny, Sr. 5/8/15
Danny creates a doll of himself in which he falls in love with. He names it Danny, Sr. in memory of Danny, Jr., that balloon he made in Season 6 that he got so attached to that Chris had to snap him out of it. So is this happening again?
118 Thousand Island Dressing 5/15/15
Darryl brings over the house a board game called Thousand Island Dressing. It's a trivia game where you have to move your piece around the board to make it to the end and each spot you land on, you must answer a trivia question. Darryl claims he's a pro at it, but is willing to challenge Chris & Danny. So, we'll see what goes down.
118 Fight at the Museum 5/22/15

There's a fight at a museum in Duesburg and a kid with a hat similar to Danny was involved. Since Danny was in jail already they think he did it, and the cops come, ready to haul Danny back to jail. However, Danny really didn't do it this time, and because Chris knows Danny didn't do it, he sticks up for him. Eventually the real culprits are caught and Chris says that he stuck up for Danny because he knows he's a changed man; he's good now.

  • This is the Season 13 finale.

Season 14 (2015)

Season 14 of The Christopher Show was confirmed on February 13, 2015. It began on June 5, 2015 and ended on October 2, 2015. It had 15 episodes.

No. Title Air date
119 Sole Bros 6/5/15

Danny gets a job at a shoe store where they sell seriously expensive shoes. Some are even autographed by famous celebrities. And every day, they get new shoes. No one knows it, but Danny steals these shoes and takes them home for him and Chris. Danny is fine with this, but Chris isn't.

120 Eighth Grade Graduation 6/12/15
It's the big day: graduation of eighth grade! Chris is so excited he's completed the first step in his education, and in September will take his first steps in high school. Danny has graduated the Prison Life Recovery And Elementary Learning School and Education of Knowledge for the Better, or the PLRELSEKB for short. And in September Danny will be going to the same school as Chris for the first time in their lives!
121 Booyesux Corporation 6/19/15
The Booyesux Corporation is a new online company created by someone who goes by the name of The_Underscore. You can buy video games for free from this site, and Danny is hooked. Chris thinks Danny shouldn't be on this website 24/7 because the website looks very shady, but Danny will hear none of it. But when he wakes up the next day and there's a virus on his computer, they must figure out what to do next.
122 The Jokesters 6/26/15
Danny buys a book called 99 1/2 Summer Jokes With Attitude and becomes a joke machine, telling jokes nonstop. But the thing is: he's getting the jokes right out of the book, and the book is very cheesy. Chris and Darryl will have to form a plan to stop this before Danny becomes out of control.
123 Still Life 7/3/15
Danny gets attached to this new online virtual reality life game called Still Life. Danny says it should be called Better Life or something because it's an epic game, but Chris thinks the name fits because he doesn't think Danny should be spending all day on this game. But Danny is hooked on it now. What will Chris do?
124 Pasta La Vista 7/10/15
Danny reveals that he has a severe fear of pasta, and Darryl reveals he has the same fear. This is because a while back, before Danny went to jail, they saw a pasta horror movie and this scarred them for life. Chris thinks this is absurd but let's see what goes down.
125 Beisketboll 7/31/15
Danny teaches Chris how to shot some hoops in basketball. But Chris doesn't know how. At all. Finally, he resorts to using math to calculate the distance of the hoop, and the angles and stuffs. And this works! Chris is now become a basketball pro!

  • NOTE: The title of this episode is a reference to the Season 1 episode Beisboll.
126 Battle of the Months 8/7/15
Danny wants to create his own month, called "Dannytember", but Chris tells him flatly that there's no way he can do that. Danny challenges him, asking if he can do better, and Chris replies that he can, and comes up with "Christember", his own month to challenge Danny with.
127 Clap Wars 8/14/15
Danny finds out he has a new talent: clapping loud. So he begins to test this out on Chris, but when Chris can't take it anymore, he claps back. Now realizing he has the same talent, Chris & Danny battle it out; let the clap wars begin.
128 Smartphones Get Stupid 8/21/15

Chris gets a new smartphone, the ePhone7, which malfunctions. Chris begins to get exremely angry with the phone, and Danny sits back and gets a kick out of Chris's reactions.

129 Smooth Calculator 8/28/15

Chris must purchase a $100 graphing calculator for school, but when Danny breaks it, what will Chris do?

  • The title of this episode is a reference to the 1984 song Smooth Operator by Sade.
130 Watchman 9/4/15
Chris gets a new watch and everyone takes advantage of it, always asking Chris for the time. But how much can Chris take?
131 Mr. Flice Guy 9/11/15
Danny is learning about Flice, deadly insects that are a cross between fleas and lice. Danny brings some home in a bag from school, and Chris goes crazy, telling Danny that he shouldn't have brought them home. Sure enough, the flice get loose and Chris & Danny must take care of the situation.
132 Art Attack 9/18/15
Chris gets rejected from his school's art fair this year, and Danny has a plan to get the teacher back.
133 The Peters' Vase 10/2/15

Teddy Peters comes to visit Chris & Danny in Duesburg for the first time in a while. Chris & Danny are stoked by this, and they welcome Teddy in their home. Teddy brings over the Peters' Vase, which is a very delicate vase with a single flower in it. This vase has been passed down through the Peters family for generations, and is a tradition. So if anything happened to it, the person who destroyed it will be hated by the Peters family for eternity.

Sure enough, Danny gets his hands on it and is fascinated by it. Chris warns Danny to give it back so nothing happens to it, but Danny is so immature that he keeps playing with it. And what happens? He drops it. Only he's extremely lucky the thing doesn't break, just a small crack. Chris starts to panic but Danny tells Chris to calm down since it's "only a small crack". Chris tells Danny he doesn't realize the magnitude of this event and Chris doesn't want Teddy and his family to hate him for it.

Danny, all of a sudden (for once) realizes his actions. He changes and becomes more responsible, and thanks Chris for letting him know about the magnitude of his actions. He goes straight to Teddy and reveals that it was all his fault. Teddy, furious, grabs the vase and leaves the house, and Duesburg, without even saying goodbye to anyone. Thus, the episode and the season is left at a cliffhanger. The episode ends as is.

  • NOTE: This is the Season 14 finale.

Season 15 (2015-2016)

Season 15 of The Christopher Show was confirmed on April 23, 2015. It began on December 11, 2015 and ended on February 12, 2016. It had 15 episodes.

No. Title Air date
134 TBA 12/11/15
135 TBA 12/18/15
136 Christmas 3 12/25/15
137 New Years' 3 1/1/16
138 TBA 1/15/16
139 TBA 1/29/16
140 TBA 2/5/16
141 TBA 2/19/16
142 TBA 3/4/16
143 TBA 3/18/16
144 TBA 4/1/16
145 TBA 4/8/16
146 TBA 4/15/16
147 Earth Day 4/22/16
148 TBA 5/6/16

Season 16 (2016-2017)

Season 16 of The Christopher Show was confirmed on March 13, 2016. It began on September 2, 2016 and ended on April 7, 2017. It had 15 episodes. Although The Christopher Movie is not technically part of any season, it was released on July 13, 2016, in the middle of Season 16. This was the last season of the series :(

No. Title Air date
149 TBA 9/2/17
150 TBA 9/9/17
151 TBA 9/16/16
152 TBA 9/23/16
153 TBA 10/7/16
154 Halloween 10/28/16
155 TBA 11/11/16
156 TBA 12/9/16
157 TBA 12/23/16
158 TBA 1/13/17
159 TBA 1/27/17
160 TBA 2/10/17
161 TBA 2/24/17
162 St. Patrick's Day 3/17/17
163 Series Finale 4/7/17