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Mr. Sir


Mr. Sir (real name is unknown, Danny calls him Jack Sir)


Black Yankees hat, 3D glasses, fake detective badge, earbuds

Also known as

Jack Sir, Jack


1, 2, 5

First Episode

Introducing Patrick Dog!

Last Episode

Everything We Stood For





Mr. Sir (or referred to as Jack Sir by Danny) is a minor antagonist in Seasons 1, 2. and 5, in the series of The Christopher Show. He is deceased.


Mr. Sir's real name is unknown, but Danny calls him Jack Sir in "Be a Star" because "He's jack because he makes no sense", therefore "You Are Jack". So technically, his real name is unknown.

He seems to have a lot of jobs, from Pet Adoption Office Worker (Introducing Patrick Dog!) to Patent Office Worker (Beisboll) to a Movie Studio Director (Be a Star). In the Season 5 finale he made fake chattering teeth which emitted zombie gas, turning kids to zombies. He turned himself to a mega zombie and battled Danny, long story short, he lost.



Mr. Sir has a black Yankees cap and a fake police badge. He has an eyepatch and earphones.

In the Series

Mr Sir appears in these episodes:

  • Episode 4: Introducing Patrick Dog! (First Appearance)
  • Episode 6: Beisboll (last appearance of Season 1)
  • Episode 14: T-Shirt Sellerz (S2)
  • Episode 16: Be a Star-Part 2: You Are Jack (S2)
  • Episode 36: Hole in Half (S5 Premiere) (Only Mentioned)
  • Episode 44: Everything We Stood For (S5 Finale; Last Appearance; Death)
First Appeared Last Appeared
Season 1 5
Episode Name Introducing Patrick Dog! Everything We Stood For
Episode Number 4 44
Date June 29 September 14
Year 2013 2013


Mr. Sir is a goofy, stupid, making-no-sense person who seems to take back things he said because he is unsure of the things he says. However, in the S5 Finale (last appearance, death) he is somehow smarter, sneaky, conniving, and underhanded. He battles Danny, but Danny had the sword and Sir dies.

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  • It is possible that he changed since the Season 2 Special: Be a Star because Danny reveals that it's been a year from Season 2 to Season 5.