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Teddy Peters


Teddy Peters


Yellow Ed Hardy Cap

Also known as

Teddy, Nukid (Season 2)

Seasons Active

2, 3

First Episode

Nukid on the Block

Last Episode

Infected, Part 2 (Season 9)

Years Active




"I will now test it in three, two, one, one and a half, one and three quatròs!"
―Teddy in The Truth Hertz.

Teddy Peters was a character in The Christopher Show. Teddy was first seen in the Season 2 finale and became a main character in Season 3. He left in the Season 3 finale. It was revealed in Season 7 that he has a brother, Jerry Peters, who appears in Seasons 7-9, and it was confirmed that Teddy will appear in more episodes in the future.



Teddy has dark hair and a yellow Ed Hardy cap that he never takes off. He has no glasses.

In The Series

Teddy was first seen in the Season 2 finale when he moved to Chris & Danny's neighborhood and was a guest star in that episode. In all of Season 3, Teddy became a main character, along with Chris & Danny. In the Season 3 finale he moved away. He was mentioned in the Season 5 finale and it was confirmed that he would guest star in the Season 6 finale to help Chris & Danny defeat Darryl Barryl, however the idea was scrapped and Teddy did NOT appear there. He did however appear in the Season 7 finale as a guest star.

After that he appeared in Season 9 "Infected" Part 2 as a supporting character. As of now, no date is confirmed where he will appear but it WAS confirmed he WILL appear in some future episodes.

NOTE: The chart below does count guest appearances of Teddy, not just his main appearance in Season 3.

First Appeared Last Appeared
Season 2 9 (scheduled to appear in the future)
Episode Name Nukid on the Block Infected, Part 2 (scheduled to appear in the future)
Episode Number 17 79 (scheduled to appear in the future)
Date July 8 June 18 (scheduled to appear in the future)
Year 2013 2014 (scheduled to appear in the future)


Teddy is a lot like Chris: caring, nice, and sweet. He is very gullible as seen in the Season 3 premiere of "Drenched...Again" when Chris used him to look out for Danny. He always wants to help out, though, that is why he is gullible. At first in the S2 Finale, Danny disliked him, thinking he was trying to steal Chris from him. After that in Season 3 both Chris and Danny liked Teddy, and vice versa.


  • He seems to like "Batman: Arkham City", as seen in the S2 Finale when he brought the game over to Chris's house and played it with him, although it is not a multiplayer game.
  • He has a brother, Jerry Peters who moved to Duesburg with his dad but Teddy stayed in Zelzburg with his mom.
  • As revealed in the Season 2 Finale, "Nukid on the Block", people called him "Nukid" before he moved to Duesburg. The reason for this is unknown and the name "Nukid" is never mentioned again after this.

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