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The Christopher Show
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Genre Comedy, Sitcom, Action, Adventure, More Comedy, Epic
Created by Chris6d
Developed by Chris6d
Theme music composer Chris6dFilms
Opening Theme "The Christopher Show Theme Song"
Country of origin United States of America
Takes Place Duesburg, California
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 15 (so far)
No. of episodes As of Now, 133 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Chris6d
Producer Chris6d
Editor(s) Chris6dFilms
Running time Usually 3-4 minutes
Production company




Original channel

Chris6dFIlms Network

Picture format 1080p HDTV
The Series was from

June 28, 2013 - Present

The Christopher Show (aka "TCS") is a comedy sitcom series made in the summer of 2013. The most recent season was Season 15, which started on October 23, 2015 and is still running. It stars Chris and Danny, two twin brothers who are always at each other, but things are tense and change a bit in Seasons 9-12.

Originally it was mentioned that in 2017, the show would hold its final season, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Check out News & Updates for The Christopher Show for more info.

Main Characters

NOTE: ⛔️  means the character is no longer on the series, and will most likely never return, βœ…  means they still are, and πŸŒ• means they never truly left the show; they can still reappear on the series as a guest.

Chris βœ…

Chris is the main character in the series, "The Christopher Show", along with Danny, who is also the main antagonist. Chris is nice, sweet and smart, always falling for Danny's pranks. Chris can be depicted as a 13 year old boy (11 in the first 2 seasons and 12 in Seasons 3-7.) In Season 2 Chris gets glasses until the Season 5 finale. In seasons 1 and 6+ Chris does not have glasses.

Danny βœ…

Danny is the secondary protagonist and actually the main antagonist of the series from Seasons 1-10. From Seasons 1-10, Danny is mean, rude and annoying to Chris. He is always pulling hi-tech pranks on Chris, from invisible laser cameras to electronic RC golf balls. Danny does have a soft spot, though, deep, deep down and does care for Chris. Again, deep, deep down. Danny looks just like Chris but with no glasses and a Rangers hat which he NEVER takes off. In Seasons 13+ he is kind, just like he was for a time in Season 8.

Teddy Peters πŸŒ•

Teddy Peters is a secondary character in Season 3 of The Christopher Show. He is depicted as a nice, caring kid who moves to Duesburg (Chris & Danny's town) in the Season 2 finale. He is gullible and always tries his best. His appearance is like all the other characters but with a yellow Ed Hardy Hat. He appeared in the Season 7 finale and the Season 9 finale, Part 2.

Jerry Peters β›”️

Jerry Peters is the brother of Teddy Peters, introduced in Season 7, way past Teddy Peters who was introduced in the Season 2 Finale. His last appearance was in Infected, in Season 9.

Darryl Barryl βœ…

Darryl Barryl is the main antagonist of the Season 6 finale and the Season 7 Premiere. He wears a red hat. Later in Season 9 he returns, but good. He becomes a main character in Season 12.

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Other Characters

Mr. Sir ⛔️

Jack Sir is a secondary antagonist in The Christopher Show. He was introduced in Season 1 Episode 4: Introducing Patrick Dog! when he worked at the Pet Adoption Office and gave Chris a hard time. He was in another episode in Season 1, the Season 2 Finale and the Season 5 finale. He was mentioned in the Season 5 Premiere, "Hole in Half".

Jack Sir is depicted as a mean, dumb man who has several different jobs, from Movie Studio Worker to Patent Office Worker. He has a Yankees hat, earphones, an eye patch and a fake police badge. He died in the Season 5 finale.

Patrick βœ…

Patrick is Chris & Danny's dog, first seen in Episode 2: The Day of the Wash. Patrick's main episode is Episode 4: Introducing Patrick Dog! when Chris tells the story of when he adopted Patrick.

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Dustin Dmitri πŸŒ•

Dustin Dmitri, along with Joey Dmitri, is Chris and Danny's cousin. Dustin is always yelling and screaming like a drill sergeant and has upside down glasses and a green, upside down hat.

Joey Dmitri πŸŒ•

Joey is Dustin's brother and the second annoying cousin of Chris & Danny. He is extremely wild and likes elephants and likes to wear matching orange shirts. He likes to play with Chris. He drools and resembles a wild baboon.

Bart Onasaf β›”️

Bart is Chris and Jerry's piano teacher in Season 7. He has a mustache and beret. In Season 12 he left the show, along with Wyatt (see below).

Wyatt Onasaf β›”️

Wyatt is Bart's son, who joined the piano class with Chris in Season 10, after Jerry Peters left. He becomes best friends with Chris, but Bart doesn't like that. Wyatt left the show in Season 12, along with Bart.

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Mr. McGrooder β›”️

Mr. McGrooder was a bike shop owner. He only appeared in one episode in Season 3.

The TV Jacker β›”️

The TV Jacker was a hacker and criminal who hacked into people's televisions. He is deceased. He only appeared in one episode in Season 11.

Karate Sensei β›”️

The Karate Sensei was a karate sensei who only appeared in one episode in Season 3.


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